HY forged grinding media balls production


How to find the reliable grinding balls supplier for a mining . 

The factory must have the advanced hot rolled and Forging equipment to produce the Hot rolling grinding balls and forging steel balls . Through cooperate with some research organization, we managed to achieve the high level of quality in grinding steel balls . Grinding media plays a pretty important role in many industries . the grinding balls are the most outstanding solutions suitable for chemical , thermal power , mining and cement industry . there are many factories could provide this grinding solutions , but firstly , you should check whether the factory have the suitable grinding balls production equipment . It will be helpful for you to choose the 20mm-150mm grinding balls using different equipment. the quality will be different .

Forging air hammer production (60mm-150mm Grinding balls )

grinding media forged steel balls

Hot rolling machine ( 20mm-50mm) 

25mm-150mm grinding media forged steel balls

Haoyang Managed to become the professional manufacturer of qualified grinding balls for ball mill , SAG. as well to keep its position on both domestic and overseas markets. Also Haoyang reasearch centre cooperate with some steel company to produce the customized steel for different mining ore requirement . Haoyang will make great effort to produce the best grinding balls and improve the grinding efficiency for mining . via grinding media  balls heating treatment improvement , the hardness and toughness will also be better .  Mining will save cost . 

Main Benefits

The grinding balls produced by the production equipment will be tested properly each day. different batch of grinding balls will have their own quality assurance certificate. which include the steel # , Raw material name, Heating number , PO # , Prodution date and so on . which could guaranteed you get the balls meets your needs and requirements . If you could give us your mining ore information or the mining condition , our technique worker could give you the solution explaination by documents. then you will acquire numerous benefits which are given as followings:

*     Better Wearing resistance 

*     Improved toughness and impact value for SAG 

*     Mining ore , also some crushing hard and heavy materials are could be undertaken

*     Good Hardness , High quality and high wearing grinding media balls are very affordable 

*     Improving performance could save mining cost to some extent 

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