Grinding balls inspection


Forged grinding balls are widely used in Gold mining or Copper mining 

which will follow the strict quality control system

1.Raw material of steel balls Pre-production checks

Steel Bars ( Diameter, Length of Cut Bars , Heating number signature ) 

Equipment includes Air Hammer , Forging Hammer, Cooling time and Quenching time and etc.

Temperature control- Quenching Start temperature and quenching end temperature ( Produce 10 grinding balls 

then stop production and test the samples ) 

Grinding balls  

2. Grinding balls Surface Hardness Measurement 

Balls 1-----Balls 10   HRC recordings 

Surface hardness Target 

Grinding ball

3. Grinding balls Core Hardness Test . Cutting 2 balls for further inspection 

4. Heating treatment before Packing ( Record heating batch , temperature )

5. Final Hardness Test before dispatch , Marking the hardness result on the steel drum of grinding balls 

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